Personal API of Stefan Grund

Welcome. This API collects social media and quantified self data by Stefan Grund. Right now there are 0 endpoints available to interact with data from . Here is a short documentation of the public API calls. (If you're logged in, you can view the full documentation here.)


While the API supports all CRUD operations, only reading data is allowed for the public. You'll need to add the public access token 127542604153346df5d16cb to your request in order to perform it, like this:

Resources and Parameters

You can call the following resources. Use the parameter date=YYYY-MM-DD to limit the timespan of your request. Use format to determine the format of the response (you can choose between the default json or xml) and count to determine the number of items in the response (default is 25, maximum is 200).

Example API Calls

A complete GET request for /v1/ with all parameters will look like this:

You can also request single items from a resource. Just add /id to a call: